We take great pride in providing our patients with a customer service oriented environment.  We successfully do so by making our patient's our first priority while understanding their needs in a manner that allows us to exceed their expectations.

Whether it's an illness or an injury, you can count on our team to take all the necessary steps to provide you with a quick diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.

Iberia Urgent Care offers a wide range of award-winning services throughout New Iberia and surrounding areas.  

With no appointments needed come in and receive care for any of the following or related reasons:

•   Lacerations, Burns, Abrasions
•   Fractures, Strains, Sprains
•   Cough, Sinus Infection, Congestion
•   Fever, Rash
•   Earache, Sore Throat, Bronchitis
•   Toothache
•   Flu, Chills
•   Urinary Tract Infection
•   Gynecological Conditions, Pregnancy Testing
•   Acute Back Pain
•   Acute Neck Pain
•   Headache
•   Infections, Gout 
•   Diarrhea
•   STD
•   Minor Injuries
•   Asthma
•   Nausea
•   Stomachaches and Stomach Pains
•   Diaper Rash
•   Ear Infection, Eye Infection
•   Insect Bites
•   Itchy Skin
•   Allergies, Allergic Reaction, Poison Ivy 
•   Runny nose
•   Gastrointestinal Disorders
•   Dehydration
•   Abscess Treatment, Skin Infections
•   Heartburn
•   Vomiting        


In addition to the many illnesses and injuries we treat, our services further include:

•   Occupational Medicine
•   School Physicals
•   Sports Physicals
•   Employment Physicals
•   Camp Physicals

•   Bloodwork
•   Travel Vaccinations
•   X-Rays
•   Flu Shots                                     

Our clinic is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm. 

All walk-ins are welcome, no appointment needed!