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Hulin Health was founded in 2011, and opened Iberia Urgent Care in the summer of 2012, Southside Urgent Care in the fall of 2015 and Vermilion Urgent Care in the winter of 2016.  We are an urgent care and occupational medicine center, providing services such as treatment of colds, flu, lacerations, bone fractures as well as pre-employment physical exams and drug and alcohol screens.


Our mission at Hulin Health is to provide a unique experience to both patients and team members. “The Golden Rule” is at the center of everything we do.  The delivery of customer service oriented health care to every single one of our patients and customers is our most basic reason for being. We recognize that the core ingredient for achieving this goal is to provide a great environment in which team members can realize their full potential and flourish; not only as employees, but as human beings.

Our core values are:

Accountability. “I am responsible” 
The Golden Rule (treat others as you want to be treated)
Integrity and Honesty
Loyalty and Commitment
Humility / “Stay Humble”
Respect for others

While many companies preach about mission statements and core values, we mean it.

The most important resource of any company is its human resource; our team members!

We are committed to creating a great environment in which to work.  We also want to create a great culture in which personal growth and job satisfaction is a priority.  We believe that this philosophy will translate into a better interaction with our patients and lead to a better overall outcome for us and for them.

In exchange for the hard work and great commitment that our employees give to us, in return, we will strive to create a place where team-mates will feel appreciated, and look forward to coming to work each day.


The job description for every team member is short and simple:

1)  Serve the customer
2)  If something needs to be done, do it
3)  Help your fellow team members
4)  Have fun!

Of course, we hire you for the skills you possess, and we look for those with the best skills possible.  However, if you can do the four things above, everything else will fall into place.


In order to become a team member at Hulin Health, the successful applicant will experience the following interview process:

1) The Screening Interview: is a short, phone-based interview. 
2) Initial contact (appx 30 minutes)- This will be a sort of “get to know each other” session.  If after this interview, you are interested in the position, and we are interested in you, there will be a second interview. 
3) The Reference Interview. 
4) Primary interview – In this interview, we will ask more questions and give additional information involving our company and the position. 
5) Working Interview. 
6) The Group Interview.


In order to promote personal and professional enrichment, all team members at Hulin Health will have required reading to be completed during the first 90 days. There will also be ongoing reading on a quarterly basis.  This reading can be done during down times while at work, or on personal time if the team member so chooses.  The chosen books for required reading will focus on personal growth, and help each individual (including us) to better their relationships as well as themselves.


Careful consideration is made in determining compensation.  While educational achievement, business and work experience, and other factors are pertinent considerations, the most important factor is a great attitude, and a belief system consistent with our core values, and desire for self-growth.


1)  Customer service oriented
2)  Energetic
3)  Understands the concept of  “I’m responsible”
4)  Self-motivated
5)  Team oriented
6)  Reliable


Above all, a great team is much like a chain; it requires great individual pieces and is only as strong as its weakest link.  This is why we are looking for unique individuals who desire to grow professionally as well as personally.  Individuals who strive to hit the mark and take pride in their work.  A negative, pessimistic personality prone to gossip will not survive on our team.  At Hulin Health, we understand that this culture is not for everyone.  However, if you aspire to be part of something that is more than just a workplace and a job, apply to become a part of our team.  Together we grow!

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